Grafting Diagrams

Grafting Diagrams

In the January/February 2009 Hobby Farms, you can read an article discussing the benefits and various ways to graft plants. Here are more diagrams of grafting approaches by Rick Gush for you to try.

Approach Graft
An approach graft, which united two unsevered stems, is used by arborsculptors to produce joints, by bonsai growers to add a branch where none exists and by horticulturists to bypass damaged areas.

This is the type of graft that occurs spontaneously in nature when stems or trunks press together.

Inarch Graft
Inarching live bridge grafting, is used to bypass a damaged area of a tree trunk.

The scion can be an existing shoot or sucker, or can be a new plant planted alongside the damaged tree.

Patch Budding
Plants with thick bark are often patch budded. Budding is done while the plants are actively growing, so their bark slips easily.

Banana Graft
This graft is used to produce particularly strong unions on small fruit tree rootstocks.

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