Goat Runs Across Freeway During Rush Hour

Goat Runs Across Freeway During Rush Hour

No one likes being stuck in traffic. Whenever we see the red taillights ahead of us, we can’t help wondering what the holdup is. It could be an accident or some driver getting a ticket. It could be a flat tire or a stall. Then there are the times when it’s none of those things.

I was once nowhere bound on the freeway because a helicopter had to land on it. I’ve seen dogs cause traffic jams, as well as surfboards that have flown off roof racks. A herd of sheep stopped us in our tracks in Greece. Deer have even been the reason I was nearly late for work. But for commuters on I-85 in Charlotte, N.C., the issue was a goat. The farm animal was on the freeway, dodging cars as it ran across the lanes on the northbound side. When the goat is near the median, animal control officers approach. However, the goat quickly hops over into southbound rush hour traffic. Luckily the goat made it across all lanes without injury, though reports cars nearly struck it twice.

So far there has been no word on if the goat was retrieved.

Photo via deformati/YouTube

What’s the strangest thing that held up traffic for you?

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