Give Herbal Syrups As Gifts!

Give Herbal Syrups As Gifts!

After you try out our herbal syrup recipe, consider this:

In the last few decades, it seems that culinary elegance became associated with buying “boutique food”—jars and tins of pricey seasonings, sauces, condiments, cocktail fixings, baking mixes and so on.

One of the greatest perks that comes with farming and gardening is that it’s possible to make many of these food gifts yourself for less money and with fresher results.

  • Grill rubs
  • Berry preserves
  • Duck confit
  • Chunky organic salsa
  • Lemon curd
  • Sundried tomatoes

The list goes on, mouthwateringly.

Attention Herb Growers!
This is especially true when you grow herbs, the foundation of so many gourmet goods.

Think of herbal syrups, vinegars and oils, scented sugars, seasoning blends, meats smoked or grilled over bundles of herbs, herb-infused vodkas and liqueurs, and delicate jellies and candies.

A favorite gourmet item from my garden is herbal syrup. Easy to prepare, herbal syrups make unique, delicious beverages fit for even epicurean guests.

Watch the video: Herbal Honeys and Syrups (May 2021).