Girl Scouts’ Locavore Badge

Girl Scouts’ Locavore Badge

Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of the USA

As part of the first revamping of badges in 25 years, Girl Scout seniors (grades 9-10) can now earn the new Locavore badge. According to the Girl Scouts of the USA website: “When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to prepare a meal of seasonal and locally grown dishes.” What constitutes “local” hasn’t been determined yet; it may mean food grown within 100 miles or food grown within the girl scout’s state.

Girls can earn the Locavore badge by following five steps: 1. Explore the benefits and challenges of going local. 2. Find your local food sources. 3. Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients. 4. Make a recipe with local ingredients. 5. Try a local cooking challenge.

According to SF Weekly,“The girls start out slowly, first interviewing a local cook or a grocery store manager about the food system, and then identifying seasons when certain fruits and vegetables grow locally or ferreting through their fridge to identify products they can find local substitutes for.”

“There is a strong history of food-related badges with the Girl Scouts, including a Canning badge from the 1920s,” says Alisha Niehaus, executive editor of program resources.

The girls who earn this new Locavore badge will become better educated on agriculture, industrial food and the impact they make on the planet.

To learn more about the Locavore badge, visit the Girl Scouts website.

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